Dolphins Business Alliance Trade Show 2012

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Dolphins Business Alliance Trade Show 2012

Trade shows are amazingly fun when it comes to networking, seeing new ideas and reaching out to new or established businesses. Not only that, but also the opportunity to partake in informative seminars. We had the opportunity to attend the Dolphins Business Alliance Trade Show this past Thursday and even meet Bruce Turkel, a branding and social media speaker who has worked with brands like HBO, Purina, Sony and more. Amazingly, he recognized and gave props to our logo when I handed him our business card. I had tweeted him earlier during the day, how cool is that! You’d figure someone with 6k+ followers on Twitter would not be that attentive.


Bruce Turkel & Paola VonKretschmann

We came across a very friendly robot from Waste Management Inc, who are we to resist personified robots advertising their booth at a trade show. Watch the video below!

All in all, it was a very successful trade show, filled with new opportunities and ideas. We are very proud to have helped Typestyles Inc launch their new Make a Tee Online booth, where you can make your own custom T-Shirts online from the comfort of your own home. We think it was one of the best booths at the show, but we are biased ;) .

Typestyles and Make-a-Tee

Sergio VonKretschmann, Meryl Katlin & Paola VonKretschmann

Can’t wait until the next trade show!

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