Facebook IPO – what does it mean?

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Facebook IPO

Later this week, one of the fastest growing companies in the world is going public. Facebook, estimating more than 901 million active users (15 percent of the world’s population according to cnet), will be introduced into the ranks of shareholders and investors. After purchasing Instagram a few weeks ago, getting into infringement battles with Yahoo over patents and causing a certain level of instability with ongoing privacy concerns, Facebook becomes an even bigger fish as it continues to expand it’s cyber empire.

But what does it mean for businesses who use Facebook Fan pages, what about Facebook users? In the constant struggle of social media superiority, Facebook continues to show it’s dominance and the peer pressure of being part of Facebook continues for businesses and users. Many employers have started asking prospects for their Facebook username and password. While a press release from Facebook assured users that giving out your information goes against their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, it certainly hasn’t stopped hiring employers in a highly competitive marketplace. As a business owner, the continuous question from consumers of “Are you on Facebook?” pierces through all that is considered traditional ROI, as employers need to either have someone on staff able to support these efforts or do it themselves. Time of course costing money, especially for small business owners.

The truth is, Facebook is slowly becoming an everyday integrated aspect of our lives. Whether it is for financial, social, networking, marketing or even medical purposes in the future, as Facebook released last week the integration of organ donations through the Facebook platform.  Facebook IPO, what does it mean? I suppose a better question would be, what will Facebook become?. Once it has the enormous amount of funds after it goes public, how much will Facebook integrate with other platforms – government agencies, banking systems, credit agencies, vote for the next president through your Timeline?

The possibilities are astoundingly disturbing but yet profoundly alluring from a database, data collection standpoint. Open Graph is the stepping stone for sure. While we contemplate on the future of Facebook, we may just get a single Facebook stock share, just for fun. What do you think about the Facebook IPO? Will this be good or bad for Facebook? Leave a comment below or let us know through our Facebook fanpage (the irony!)

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Paula VonKretschmann

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