Self-Proclaimed leader of Anonymous hacks GoDaddy, millions of websites go down

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Today the unthinkable happened, more than millions of websites hosted by GoDaddy are down due to a possible SQL or LDAP injection created by “AnonymousOwn3er”, someone who claims to be leader of the Anonymous hacking group. Thankfully, our servers are not hosted by GoDaddy but some of our clients who use GoDaddy are left with no mail communication, no website and hours of downtime. Regardless of whether it was a small business owner or a blogger, all services are down across the board. It really sparks controversy about cyber security, especially when this person openly and publicly claims to be the purveyor of such an act.


Marketers from different hosting companies took it as an opportunity to promote their services. Cries from the victims keep pouring through Twitter and all across the internet. What happens when one of the largest registrar and hosting providers in the world is taken by a single person? It is without a doubt that this has created a chain of reactions that cannot be undone. For many, the trust and security blanket has been removed and the protected veil has fallen. What is the motive behind the self proclaimed Anonymous leader, @AnonymousOwn3r? Was it because the CEO of GoDaddy hunted Elephants in Zimbabwe last year? Or was it because GoDaddy was pro SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) before a backlash of thousands of their customers?

We don’t know… yet. Today has been disturbing to say the least. No company, big or small is protected from hackers. When your livelihood, your day to day operations and basic essentials like mail communications are shut off, we find ourselves out of control and lost. Are we that dependent in technology that we can no longer live without it? What would happen if an event would bring down the entire infrastructure of the internet backbone?

What would happen if we wake up one day to find that emails, websites, social media and everything you knew that is driven by the internet is down? Can we, as a technologically driven society, operate without it? Society as a whole is vulnerable to these possibilities, it would be naive to believe that it is not possible. Today is a reminder that no website or system is truly 100% safe and that we are engulfed by dependencies driven by 0′s and 1′s.

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Paula VonKretschmann

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