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Password security is one of the most underrated forms of protection.

We have found many people using excessively unsecured passwords, some that include the company name, the buyer’s name, the products name or words like test, God, password, etc. Here are sole golden rules about password creation;

Length – Make your passwords long with eight or more characters – stay away from short passwords that include no numbers or special characters. The more complex, the better.

Complexity – include letters, punctuation, symbols, numbers and any special characters allowed.

Variation – Change your passwords often and set an automatic reminder. Whether it is every six months or at least once a year, it is best practice. If you provide someone with a password, always change it as soon as they complete whatever task needed on your account.

Variety -¬†Does your bank account and email share the same password? Change this, all of your passwords should be unique. In case an account is compromised, you don’t have to change every other password.

So if your passwords looks like Password123 change it to SxwQ#78dp!Z, you can always use a password generator like PC Tools by clicking here. We highly recommend using a program called LastPass, a secure password manager that helps you manage login account information in a safe, secure and user friendly way, so you don’t have to memorize passwords and logins. Click here to get started.

Simple password security is one of the many steps to avoid things like identity theft. Do you think password security is underrated or overrated? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook or Twitter!


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