Different types of Facebook Admin Permissions

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Not all Facebook admin permissions are created equal when it comes to page management. Recently we had a client that could not remove or add admins, their previous developer created their Facebook Fan Page and did not enable the owner of the company full administrative permissions. So, here are the Facebook admin roles chart and some tips on how to maintain full control over your Facebook Fan Page;

Facebook Admin Role Permissions

  • Always make sure that you have full administrative control over your Facebook Fan Page, this means that your role is that of a “Manager”.
  • Anyone with the role of “Manager” can remove and add admins, therefore only owners of a company should have this role.
  • Apply roles accordingly, your Facebook Fan Page is the virtual voice and representation of your company within the Facebook platform.
  • Do not create fake accounts to manage your Facebook Fan Page, this may compromise your Fan Page as Facebook is continuously  shutting down fake accounts by requesting identification. In some circumstances, Facebook will also shut down Fan Pages associated with fake accounts.

If you want to find out more about Facebook Admin Roles, please visit the following link https://www.facebook.com/help/323502271070625

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