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Different types of Facebook Admin Permissions

Facebook Fan Pages

Not all Facebook admin permissions are created equal when it comes to page management. Recently we had a client that could not remove or add admins, their previous developer created their Facebook Fan Page and did not enable the owner of the company full administrative permissions. So, here are the Facebook admin roles chart and…

Amy’s Baking Company, Chef Ramsay and The Internet – When Brands Go Wild

Facebook Social Media Fail

The internet, one of the greatest tools available for businesses and consumers. However, the internet can also be the most destructive force against your business. This is exactly what happened to Amy’s Baking Company when Kitchen Nightmares, a show that depicts failing restaurants produced by Chef Gordon Ramsay, was aired a few days ago displaying what is considered…

Facebook IPO – what does it mean?

Facebook IPO

Later this week, one of the fastest growing companies in the world is going public. Facebook, estimating more than 901 million active users (15 percent of the world’s population according to cnet), will be introduced into the ranks of shareholders and investors. After purchasing Instagram a few weeks ago, getting into infringement battles with Yahoo over patents and causing a…

Is your business Pinterest-ing?

Is your business Pinterest-ing?

Pinterest is a new online pinboard, social networking website that literally became the hottest new trend overnight. While it was launched in 2010 and it is still in beta, it wasn’t until the past few weeks that Pinterest finally made it to the mainstream masses and pierced the veil of social networking statistics. The site registered…